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                       Innovation, Performance, Quality & Value  Ready to Use Right Out of the Barrel. The new premixed Presti Envelope Lubricant (PEL) is ready to use straight out of the barrel. PEL is the first envelope lubricant specifically engineered to extend envelope performance. PEL is a water-based non-hazardous formula engineered with a non-gloss, matte finish, enhanced slip and antistick. Extends Envelope Performance Presti’s new Envelope Lube Station (ELS) makes applying envelope lubricant quick and easy. The ELS eliminates spray bottles, spotty lube application and sticking envelopes. Just pull the trigger and apply a smooth even coat of envelope lubricant. Using the ELS improves shop efficiency, extends envelope performance and makes removing envelopes from the tire much easier.  P: + 001 215-444-9901 • • ELS Envelope Lube Station New ELS Envelope Lube Station 

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