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€15m Financing Package for 4JET

Financing investment for 4JET

Alsdorf, Germany based 4JET GmbH has announced a 15 million Euro investment package led by French investment company Jolt Capital, whereby the Paris based investor will join shareholders e-Capital and CEO & Founder Jörg Jetter to further scale the company.

4JET Aim for Expansion

4JET, through its subsidiaries 4JET Technologies & 4JET Microtech, develops advanced process technology and integrated production systems for laser-based surface processing with a focus on technical glass, automotive components and tyres.

The investment is primarily geared towards allowing 4JET to further expand its global delivery platforms for sales and service, and also to accelerate a number of promising development initiatives.

In parallel to the injection of the new capital, a corporate reorganisation has also been completed to further foster efficiency in the next stage of 4JET’s development.

Driven by multiple underlying trends towards increased usage of functional glass coatings, a push for tyre traceability, as well as a steady rise in the number of uses for laser cleaning technology, both divisions of 4JET are expected contribute to a 40% growth in revenues for 2018, with 2019 expected to be another bumper year.

Commenting on the deal, Founder and CEO Jörg Jetter said; ”4JET has been a growth story since the beginning and we’re confident that this is set to continue for the foreseeable future, especially so with Jolt’s investment and added value. Given their impressive track record as high-tech hardware investors, teaming up made a lot of sense, and already we’re seeing the benefits of this.”

Founded in 2006, 4JET currently employs around 130 staff across Germany, China and the USA, who have together installed over 400 laser machines in about 40 countries. A pioneer in laser material processing in the automotive sector, 4JET Technologies serves most large tyre makers with solutions for tire marking, tire mold cleaning and other customized solutions. Clients also include large OEMs and automotive suppliers.

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