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5 Tips to Ensure Cushion Gum Quality and Shelf Life

5 Tips Cushion Gum Quality and Shelf Life

By courtesy of Kartindo Rubber

Tip 1: Insist on durable packaging.

Ensure cushion gum is packed using well-insulated carton with ventilation holes to keep it cool during shipment. Ergonomic and sturdy box structure offers easier handling and storage, preventing unintended damage.

Tip 2: Ensure clear labelling.

Product information and manufacturing date is clearly labelled individually for precise tracking and traceability in ensuring quality consistency.

Tip 3: Store in a recommended controlled-temperature at all times.

Store cushion gum in the recommended temperature as advised by product manufacturer to prevent pre-mature rubber scorch and obtain maximum shelf life.

Tip 4: Establish an effective stock inventory management.

Monitor stock inventory to ensure optimal stock against production forecast. Implement First In, First Out (FIFO) system to ensure stocks are consumed within shelf life duration.

Tip 5: When in doubt, extrude to observe flow of rubber.

Extrude cushion gum on mini extruder and observe on the flow of rubber. If rubber flow is lumpy and dull in colour, set aside product as it may have been scorched. Alternatively, perform a pull test to determine tackiness.

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