A Fresh Perspective for ALARNEU in 2024: Steering Towards Innovation and Unity

In 2024, the Latin American Association of the Tyre Retreading Segment (ALARNEU) embarks on a pivotal journey of reflection and strategic innovation.

Collaboration Across Latin America

With a mission rooted in fostering a spirit of support among associations and enterprises across the continent, ALARNEU stands as a bastion of collaboration and knowledge exchange. It aims to spearhead the development and expansion of the tyre-retreading industry throughout Latin America, extending its influence to every corner of the continent.

The association’s virtual gatherings on the 11th of October and the 13th of December marked a significant turning point. These meetings were not routine check-ins but strategic sessions to create a future-ready framework for ALARNEU. The discussions underscored the necessity of adapting to contemporary challenges, setting the stage for ambitious yet essential initiatives.

The reinforcement of partnerships is at the forefront of these initiatives. Recognising the power of collective action, ALARNEU is committed to regular working meetings, transforming itself into a think tank that encapsulates the industry’s collective ambition at a Latin American level. The association is also devising strategies to enhance the industry’s visibility, acknowledging the importance of a robust and unified presence.

The quest for comprehensive sectoral data has also been highlighted as a priority. In an era where information is power, ALARNEU seeks to amass crucial statistical data, identify key industry players, and pinpoint strategic variables that could inform decision-making across countries. This endeavour underscores the importance of having a solid informational foundation to support the industry’s growth and resilience.

Another critical area of focus is the formalisation of ALARNEU’s operational structure. The association recognises the need to define clear roles and responsibilities, fostering a culture of active participation among its members. This includes initiating webinars and forums to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across the industry.

To bring these ambitious plans to fruition, Daniel Rojas Enos, the coordinator from ARNEC Chile, spearheads a comprehensive engagement strategy. This involves rallying the broadest possible support from ALARNEU members in the lead-up to a new online assembly slated for March or April 2024. The goal is to present a draft proposal that outlines the formalisation of ALARNEU, role definitions, webinar schedules, and a preliminary overview of the statistical data required to build a comprehensive Latin American industry database.

These initiatives are not just lofty goals but necessary steps towards positioning ALARNEU as a leading custodian of vital industry data, on par with other esteemed international associations like TRIB and BIPAVER. In doing so, ALARNEU aims to champion the tyre-retreading industry as a paragon of the circular economy in these modern times.

As ALARNEU looks ahead, 2024 is a testament to the association’s commitment to innovation and unity. Through strategic planning and a collaborative effort, ALARNEU is poised to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary landscape.

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