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Spanish Association of Recycled Tyres Hosts Successful Annual Meeting in Madrid

The Spanish Association of Recycled Tyres (AER) recently held its fifth annual meeting on recycled tyres at ITV offices in Madrid, where key industry players participated.

Technical Retreading

José María López, a professor at the School of Industrial Engineering and researcher at the University Institute for Automotive Research (Insia), opened the event, emphasizing the economic and environmental significance of tyre retreading.

The gathering was divided into two sessions: one focusing on the environmental importance of tyre retreading, led by TNU’s director Javier de Jesús Landesa; the other addressing current legislation and specific procedures for retreading in ITV offices, presented by Idiada laboratory’s Ricard Anadón and Arte-Vial’s Guillermo Rodríguez. AER’s technical document, “Clarifications on the Technical Characteristics of Recycled (Retreaded) Tyres in Vehicle Inspection Offices,” was also presented by Pedro Espinosa Chicote.

During the event, several technical and regulatory aspects were discussed, including the mounting of two recycled tyres on the same axle, using directional-branded tyres on a steering axis, interpreting “Regroove” or “Regroovable” markings on tyre sidewalls, and producing recycled tyres for extreme snow conditions. Recycled tyres are regulated by UNECE Regulations 108 and 109 and supported by the European Union through Decisions 2001/507/EC and 2001/509/EC, making them mandatory.

AER’s technical meetings are essential for industry professionals to exchange knowledge and resolve practical queries about recycled tyres. This event highlights the importance of these retreaded tyres and strengthens the industry’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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