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BR Pneumatici Recovers with the Market

BR Pneumatici

Things in the Italian market are looking up and this is giving opportunities to retreaders to improve capacity utilisation factors in their plants. BR Pneumatici, one of the major retreaders in the country, plans to increase production from 21,000 tyres in 2018 to 23,000 tyres in 2019. This is still below the designed production performance of around 30,000 tyres, but would still be considered a very good result.

Italian Retreader Improves with Market Trend

BR Pneumatici was founded by Giovanni Battista Busin in the 1963, said Loris Dalla Costa, director of the plant. Whereas many other companies entered the retreading sector via the transport business or by selling new tyres, and opened a retreading plant as a side business, for BR Pneumatici it was exactly the opposite. According to Costa, the company started as a tyre retreading factory, and then, step by step, evolved into a complex system with many shops located across the country.

Basically, BR Pneumatici provides products and services aimed to help its customers to cut their road transport costs and using retreaded tyres is only one way how to do that. According to Costa, there are four basic principles the company is eager to adhere to…..

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