CEO of Indag Appears on Episode 38 of The Retreadcast

Episode 38 of the Retreadcast was recorded on location in Cologne during The Tire Cologne with the CEO of Indag Rubber Ltd, Vijay Srinivas.

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David Wilson, the Publisher of Retreading Business interviewed Vijay on a wide range of topics such as Indag Rubber’s export plans, their brand and product development strategy and the state of the domestic retread market in India amongst other subject areas.


00:00 Titles and Introduction to Episode 38

00:54 Interview with CEO of Indag, Vijay Srinivas

01:34 Indag’s Sustainability Strategy

03:40 Srinivas talks about Indag’s export plans

05:43 How is the Indian domestic retread market for Indag?

10:30 What are Indag’s ambitions for developing the brand?

14:00 Indag’s new R&D lab at core of product strategy

16:08 How does Indag’s certified retread network work?

18:15 Indag loyalty programme reaching out to 3,000 retreaders in India

21:00 How does Vijay view the future for independent retreaders?

23:12 Srinivas lays out the plan for Indag for the next 5 years

26:10 Conclusion

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