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Chilean Environment Minister Visits Recauchajes Blotech

Recauchajes Blotech

Tyre retreading is a firm ally of the Chilean government for the advancement of the Circular Economy not least because only 17% of tyres consumed in Chile are currently managed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Government Support for Retreading

The Chilean government recently published the Extended Producer Responsibility Law (REP), which aims to expand sustainability and environmental preservation actions with a view to the Circular Economy. The first step of the measure is aimed at the tyre segment, and a sustainable alternative for this purpose is clearly provided by the retreading sector.

To get to know the productive process of retreading tyres up close, the Chilean Minister of the Environment, Carolina Schmidt, recently visited the facilities of Recauchajes Blotech SPA, a company that is part of the Vipal Authorised Dealer Network, located in Santiago. During the visit, the minister affirmed: “The government initiates the new law for the tyre segment. We need to move from a linear economy, which generates large amounts of waste, to a circular economy in the use of materials, promoting sustainable, inclusive and climate-resilient development.”

According to the General Manager of Vipal Chile, Paola Ferrada, tyre retreading is one of the main contributors to the Circular Economy, as it transforms an environmental liability into an asset. For her, the new law implemented by the Chilean Ministry of the Environment further proves the importance of the tyre retreading industry for the country. “We have a network of strategic partners, which offers an extremely high-quality service and who are ready to expand further the volume of retreaded tyres in Chile. With this, we contribute to a better use of resources and preservation of the environment, generating a contribution to transport companies and the tyre retreading industry,” she added.

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