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DBU to Support German Retreading Campaign

German Retreading Campaign

In Germany, the Innovation Forum for Tyre Recycling (AZUR) has received approval from the DBU (German Federal Environment Foundation) to support a general tyre retreading campaign.

AZUR Campaign Approved for Federal Support

The campaign will start soon and is initially limited to a period of two years. The basis for this campaign is a life cycle assessment for retreaded tyres and rolling resistance measurements, which are accompanied by a PR campaign.

The key focus and objective of the campaign is based on the argument that retreaded tyres are inherently eco-friendly: they conserve natural resources, require significantly less energy to manufacture, are qualitatively comparable to good new tyres and support the local medium-sized economy. In order for changes to take place in the used tyre market, retreaded tyres, in the same manner as recycled paper or plastic, must become standard, with the concept of tyre retreading being anchored in people’s minds as a positive process.

So that the retreading project can get off to a successful start, 70% of the costs are being covered by the DBU and the remaining 30% is currently being borne by a number of key partners, namely KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co. KG, MARANGONI Retreading Systems, Reifen Hinghaus GmbH, REIFF Süddeutschland Reifen und KFZ-Technik GmbH, RIGDON GmbH, Rösler Tire Innovators, and RuLa-BRW GmbH.

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