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Drifting on Retreads with Radburg

Retreads with Radburg

To help shift public perception and share a positive light on retreaded tyres, Romanian retreader Radburg is becoming more involved with drifting competitions. Currently, the company is sponsoring 8 racers in the Romanian National Drift Competition with tyres primarily, and many other things.

Radburg Gets Involved in Drifting Scene

“There are many drift enthusiasts who see the champions walking from their racecar with retreaded Radburg tyres to the podium. This is the ultimate test for these tyres. It makes people aware of the potential and quality of retreads,” said Lucian Filip, Head of Marketing and Business Development. “We have many educational campaigns in which we show people how the retreads are made, our safety inspections and tests, statistics about their use all over the world and clients’ reviews. But these can only go so far while watching them in action does a lot more.

“We started sponsoring drift cars around 3-4 years ago. Many of the drifters were already acquainted with retreaded tyres and were more than happy to ride with them.

Their use is also quite educational for us, as the drivers provide us with feedback, and we know where we have room to grow. We have come to understand in time which patterns are preferred in this area and are now trying to acquire more tyre patterns that are appropriate for drifting. Having feedback from experienced drivers who apply a high amount of stress on the tyres is a great insight.”

Aside from the Romanian Drift Competition, Radburg tyres are also popular among German racers, and the company is now producing a new type of all-season tyre that has seen a great interest from the public. According to the company the demand in the market suggests growing interest towards the all-season sector to the detriment of summer tyres. This is currently a pilot project but Radburg says it plans to increase production and bring more all-season tyre patterns in the future.

Aside from the National Drift Competition, Radburg is also stepping into the off-road drift competition scene.

“We are currently discussing with a few drivers and competition organisers to start there as well, said Filip. “Romania is a country with approximately 30% forests and many mountains, and exploring nature has always been a passion for Romanians. One can see why off-roading is becoming more and more popular. And as you all know, retreaded tyres are the perfect answer when there is a demand for more eco-friendly and reasonably priced tyres. As Europe is moving towards sustainable objectives, Radburg is doing its part in promoting the retreaded tyre in whichever way possible. Being present at such competitions can help a lot in spreading the word.”

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