Episode 33 of The Retreadcast with Michael Hutt, our New Editor

Retreadcast with Michael Hutt

In Episode 33 of The Retreadcast, we talk with our new Editor, Michael Hutt, about his Retreading background and new role.

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In this episode, we talk to our new Editor, Michael Hutt, about his background and views on the retreading industry with a specific view from South East Asia.


00:00 Introduction to Episode 33 of The Retreadcast.

01:06 Interview with Michael Hutt, Editor of Retreading Business

03:11 Global Opportunities for the Retreading Industry

05:00 Michael Hutt talks about the South East Asian market

07:52 Key Global Trends

10:01 How can the industry make the most of its sustainable credentials?

12:20 How can the retread industry make itself more attractive to the next generation?

14:37 Explaining the benefits of retreading to fleet customers

17:51 Michael Hutt talks about his ambitions as editor of Retreading Business

19:24 Conclusion to Episode 32 of The Retreadcast


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