Episode 34 of the Retreadcast with Haarjeev Kandhari

In Episode of the Retreadcast, our Publisher David Wilson talks to Haarjeev Kandhari, CEO of the UK-based retreader Vaculug.

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In this episode, we talk to the CEO of Vaculug about a variety of topics ranging from sustainability and the work ethic of British employees to trade associations and the attitude of the British government towards supporting sustainable businesses.


00:00 Introduction to Episode 34 of The Retreadcast

00:50 Interview with Haarjeev Kandhari, CEO of Vaculug

01:17 How can the global retreading industry makes its sustainable credentials count?

05:10 An Update on the Vaculug Sustainability Forum

07:11 The work ethic of the British workforce

09:40 What can we expect from the British government to support sustainable businesses?

12:09 News Updates

14:51 Vaculug Growth Plans

16:11 Trade Associations in the UK

18:34 Conclusion to Episode 34 of The Retreadcast



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