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EU Implements Definitive Anti-Dumping Measures Against Chinese TBR Imports

Anti-Dumping Measures Implement

The European Commission has published today the definitive confirmation of the implementation of Anti-Dumping Measures against Chinese Truck and Bus Tyre imports, following the positive decision made by the Anti-Dumping Committee on 3 October.

Anti-Dumping Measures Implemented by EU

The measures, which will come into effect tomorrow 23 October and which replace with immediate effect the previously applicable provisional measures, stipulate the application of duties ranging from 42,73€ to 61,76€/tyre.

The new regulation can be downloaded in different languages on Eur-Lex on the following link.

All over-payments of Chinese manufacturers/importers in relation to the installed provisional measures will be refunded.

Today, on Monday 22nd October, the Committee will also decide about the proposed Anti-Subsidy measures. BIPAVER, in a statement, said that it also expected this be a positive decision. BIPAVER pointed out that this would not change the overall level of today’s duties but might change the repartition of the set amount between SUBSIDY and DUMPING impact. Due to the fact that a SUBSIDY impact is more “sustainable” for political reasons, BIPAVER expressed the hope that this influence is set as high as possible. The official announcement of the AS decision is expected around the 7th November 2018.

According to BIPAVER, there is still a possibility for the Chinese manufacturers/importers to appeal against the Anti-Dumping measures, but the Federation said the EC is confident about the decision being upheld in the event such an appeal is initialised.

“We are very glad and satisfied that the EC has reached this decision after such a difficult and complex investigation and we would like to thank all supporting parties/persons for their contributions and efforts,” said BIPAVER in a statement. “We would also compliment DG TRADE for its detailed analysis in this case. This is really an important step for our industry to secure a fair competition in the European TBR market.”


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