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Galgo Earns 3PMSF Certification

Galgo 3PMSF Certification

Galgo have earned the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) certification for six of their Winter Range tread designs. The 3PMSF certification is a symbol of excellence, and is only awarded to those retreading brands that meet winter performance requirements and have successfully passed approval tests established by the ECE – 109R Annex 10 of the European Union Regulation. Tyres that have received the 3PMSF certification are branded on the side with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol.

Galgo Has Earned The 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) Certification

Galgo’s PRE-Q brand product line features a collection of reliable winter treads that are designed to perform well under extreme conditions such as ice or snow. Galgo’s six certified winter tread designs that received an excellent rating for grip and traction include: Winter Regional Drive (WRD), Winter Grove Traction (WGT), Nordic (NRD), Mud and Snow (MS), Bus and Coach (B&C) and Super Single Trailer Construction (STC)

The 3PMSF certification applies to all tread sizes available in Galgo´s PRE-Q winter tread product line.

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