Indag Forge Strategic Partnership with Delhivery


Indag Rubber Limited have forged another collaboration recently, this time with India’s premier supply chain services provider Delhivery Limited. The collaboration extends to the retreading of the Delhivery fleet’s tyres. This strategic partnership brings together the expertise and capabilities of both companies to deliver innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective tyre solutions tailored specifically for Delhivery’s extensive fleet operations.

Collaboration with Gurgaon-Based Logistics Provider

Indag collaborating with logistic companies like Delhivery addresses the rising operating costs faced by fleet owners, specifically related to tolls, fuel, and tyre management. Our mutual goal is to optimise fleet operations, reduce tyre costs per kilometre (KM), and alleviate the financial burden on fleet owners,” said Vijay Shrinivas, the CEO of Indag. “Over recent years, the operating costs of fleet owners have seen a significant surge from 40% to 60%. It is imperative for us to collaborate closely and develop effective strategies to tackle this challenge and achieve substantial cost savings for our clients,” he added.

The collaboration is driven by the shared goals of optimising the performance, longevity, and cost efficiency of Delhivery’s fleet tyres through advanced retreading techniques. Vice President Fleet Operations of Delhivery, Shubhkriti added, “We aim to enhance the performance and longevity of our fleet tyres while minimising costs. We are confident that Indag’s expertise, combined with our logistical capabilities, will result in significant benefits for our fleet operations.”

Ashish Sharma, Director Operations from Delhivery, added, “Indag’s customised retread solutions, good quality control, extended tyre lifespan, cost savings and environmental sustainability, will help Delhivery towards achieving sustainable operational goals.”

The agreement was signed by Vijay Shrinivas and Shubhkriti on behalf of their respective companies. The signing of the agreement formalised the partnership between Indag and Delhivery, outlining the terms, objectives, and responsibilities of both parties.

Rohit Kapoor, Sr. General Manager Sales & Marketing, Indag further added, “This partnership aims at increasing the tyre mileage and productivity of the Delhivery fleet. Indag with its sales and service team of 50 people across the country will ensure service support to the fleet. Currently, 600 tyres from Delhivery’s fleet are being retreaded and another 300 tyres repaired by Indag each month.”

While signing the agreement, Rahul Saxena, General Manager Technical Services stated “We have retreaded 1,900 tyres from the Delhivery Fleet in the last three months. We have applied rigorous inspections, a precise retreading process and stringent quality control checks to ensure that each retreaded tyre meets and exceeds industry standards.”

Indag has an extensive franchisee network across India, which includes 1,200+ retreaders, 200+ dealers, and 18+ depots, supported by a dedicated sales and service team of over 50 professionals. The robust infrastructure enables it to offer comprehensive tyre services to its valued clients.


Author: Satnam Singh

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