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Italmatic Group Launches Innovative Evomatic

Italmatic Group Launches Innovative Evomatic
Italmatic Group Launches Innovative Evomatic

With over 50 years of experience, while defining the latest technologies, Italmatic Group has innovated again in hot curing systems with the Evomatic curing machine and two new lines of moulds, HQ and PREMIUM, to enhance retreaded tyre quality and meet industry demands for precision, energy efficiency, and sustainability in tyre retreading.

Italmatic’s Continued Innovation.

The Evomatic curing machine, with its robust 9,000kg frame designed using advanced software and precision-manufactured, ensures perfect mould alignment and minimal burrs through its 20-ton force oil dynamic system. Its unique closing mechanism maintains mould alignment, accommodating thermal expansions and enhancing tyre quality. Innovative features like variable speed, automatic tyre centring, customisable process parameters, and multiple inflation options (air, nitrogen, water, steam), including high-pressure versions (up to 23Bar) and 8- or 12-segment models, contribute to superior retreaded tyre standards.

Ergonomics are optimised with features like the operator platform and tyre grip device, while safety is ensured through adherence to EC certification and safety standards. High energy efficiency is achieved through optimised steam chambers, advanced thermal insulation, optional electric steam generation, and magnetic induction heating, complemented by a Lube-free system for enhanced sustainability.

The Evomatic series, compatible with all cylindrical mould sizes and various inflation systems, will expand with the introduction of the Evomatic Ring by May 2024, designed for ring tread bands. These attributes underscore Evomatic’s versatility and commitment to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability in tyre retreading.

Italmatic has also expanded its mould range with the HQ line, introducing advanced manufacturing techniques for enhanced dimensional accuracy and thermal conductivity aimed at elevating hot retreaded tyre quality and PREMIUM moulds to match the standards of new tyre moulds in manufacturing and material quality, representing Italmatic’s commitment to excellence in retread tyre moulding.

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