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Italmatic Increases Stake in Giga Più SRL

Giga Più SRL

Italian equipment manufacturer Italmatic has announced the finalisation of an increased equal-basis investment package in the Giga Più Srl, the strategic software house of Italmatic Group, which offers a “turn-key” service in the area of equipment automation packages, including software, electrical installations, and pneumatic installations.

Italmatic Has Increased Its Stake in Giga Più SRL

Giga Più Srl is able to give assistance on Italmatic machinery in terms of development, assembly, installation and startup, including after-sales assistance. The company’s technical department consists of a team of 25 professionals skilled in the automation and robotics sector, able to contribute to the technological development of Italmatic projects and to supply the best onsite assistance on a 24/7 basis to customers all over the world.

Italmatic CEO Dr. Massimo Ghitturi underlines that, thanks to the above investment, Italmatic Group is nowadays one of the few companies at worldwide level managing the software and hardware aspects of its own high technology machinery on an in-house basis, assuring high performance and customer satisfaction.

“Today’s new generation machinery requires great attention with regards to automation, as it is essential to have available the best options and solutions for hardware components and software programmes,” he said.

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