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ITRS Offers International Tyre Repair Expertise

International Tyre Repair Expertise

It is only thirteen years since Canada-based International Tire Repair Solutions Inc. (ITRS) was founded, but since then the company, headquartered in Montreal, has developed to become the world leader in cable replacement technology as well as a prominent supplier of tyre repair products on an increasingly international level.

Specialists in Cable Replacement Technology

ITRS is a 100% Canadian company, with a 14,500 sq. ft manufacturing plant where the company develops, test and produces tyre repair products and technologies. The company is a recognised distributor of more than 1000 products with worldwide distribution and offices located in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Poland.

ITRS offers a full range of products, tools and tyre repair personnel training and certification for OTR tyre repairs throughout North and Latin America as well as Europe and Africa.

In 2018 ITRS acquired Vulcan-Vulcap, the long-standing tyre repair and retread equipment manufacturer based in Scarborough, Ontario. Vulcan-Vulcap is specialised in a range of heavy-duty vulcanising equipment including section repair moulds, C clamps, spotters, retreading equipment and the Vulcaflex® OTR system. At the time, ITRS President Gilles Wauthy commented; “the acquisition of Vulcan-Vulcap will give us the ability to control the products we provide and allow us to revolutionise the vulcanising industry with custom products and competitive pricing.

Cable Replacement Technology

One of the key areas of expertise offered by ITRS is in cable replacement technology. The company’s VFLEX® cable replacement system a two-part repair system for radial tyres, which offer a solution to repair injuries previously thought irreparable, thereby helping to significantly reduce the tyre budgets.

VFLEX® cable replacement technology is possible due to its revolutionary embedded steel cable material, providing a seamless alignment with unparalleled flexibility. A second-tier reinforcement patch is then applied and vulcanised offering maximum durability and longevity. Cable Replacement technology allows for effective repairs of injuries in the sidewall and crown areas of a tyre.

Key benefits of the VFLEX® technology system include reduced new tyre expenditure, extended tyre life in service, guaranteed ROI, the ability to repair large injuries and the ability to reduce your carbon footprint.

Due to its complexity, VFLEX® cable replacement technology can only be performed by accredited technicians, but appropriate training and certification is offered on-site by ITRS.

On-Site Repair Service

In addition to its expertise in cable replacement, ITRS also offers an on-site tyre management and tyre repair service anywhere in the world, particularly targeted at the mining tyre segment. ITRS tyre repair technicians are able to perform repairs on large injuries of up to 12 cables on 57” and 63” OTR, or 15 cables on 49” and 51” OTR tyres.

“Our exclusive VFLEX® technology can repair up-to 40% more injured tyres than other conventional tyre repair processes,” says the company. “VFLEX® Cable Replacement Technology yields 3,000+ hours of tyre life in service; securely and accurately all within industry standards”

Vulcaflex® Repair Systems

ITRS also offers the VULCAFLEX® Portable Repair System for radial, bias and OTR tyres from 13.00 through 63” tyre sizes.

The system allows the operator to manually adjust air bags and heat pads to the tyre contour with maximum flexibility, superior pressure and heat control. VULCAFLEX® is lightweight, easy to transport and simple enough for one-man operation. Additional features include ratchets to provide maximum tension with minimum force, abrasion resistant webbing straps, lightweight, a durable and easy to use mandrel, independent inside & outside digital temperature readouts (PID) and an air regulator.

Training and Certification

With more than 30 years of combined experience repairing trucks and OTR tyres ITRS has developed a comprehensive Training & Certification Program specifically made for tyre management and maintenance fleets.

From Level 1 to Master Trainer; ITRS training content adapts to suits fleet and tyre technicians’ needs, accommodated to individual schedules and location sites.

The company’s 14-module Level 1 programme provides fleets with effective in-depth theory and practical classes, from how to properly and safely inspect a tyre to detecting the size of the injury and which repair material will yield the best results to elongate the tyre lifespan.

Specialised training is available using standard and unique products including cable replacement.

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