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KRAIBURG Holds Workshop at Tatko Lastik

KRAIBURG Workshop at Tatko Lastik

KRAIBURG Austria has enjoyed a success­ful partnership with the Turkish company Tatko Lastik for over 15 years. The country’s largest independent tyre wholesaler distributes approximately three million passenger car tyres and more than 200,000 truck tyres per year, partly through its own sales network, and is therefore considered to be the ideal partner for the Austrian retreading specialist in a retrea­ding market that is characterised, among other things, by a large number of local tread producers and is therefore very competitive.

Three-Day Workshop with Tatko Lastik

In order to support the close strategic co-operation between the two partners, Christoph Prie­wasser, KRAIBURG’s Product Manager recently organised a three-day workshop with the Tatko Sales Team in both Istanbul and Izmir, in collaboration with the local field sales representative, Alessandro Bottesini Campos.

The workshops facilitated open discussions with a focus not only on the new KRAIBURG products but also on specific recommendations for use and the range of services offered by KRAIBURG. “We worked closely with the Tatko management to develop a product portfolio and marketing concept specially tailored to Turkish requirements,” reported Priewasser. “We have also agreed to increase the quality and frequency of our Technical Service Centre visits, both to Tatko’s two retreading plants and to their contract custo­mers”.

On the last day, the event was extended to include Tatko’s Turkish partners, and discussions focused on products, technology and performance. “The days we spent together were successful and productive for all those taking part. New ideas and concepts will lead to even closer cooperation in the future,” concluded Priewasser.

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