New Compression Mould Envelopes from MAE

MAE Industria Gomma has announced that it has added a number of new ST compression mould envelopes to its production range for use with the extended skirt ARC system. According to MAE the envelopes offer heavy duty heat and deformation resistance, lowest cost per cure and the best possible fitment.

The new sizes are ST 42X36 (for 315/80-22.5), ST 42X34 (11-24.5), ST 40X34 (295/80–22.5 and 11-22.5) and ST 40X32 (295/70-22.5, 275/80-22.5, 305/70-22.5 and 285/75-24.5).

In addition to the above MAE codes ST 44X32 and ST40X26-A are now available for the double envelope system.

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