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New Robotic Cementing System from Italmatic Robotics Srl

Robotic Cementing System

Go Energy Srl, located in Rovereto Italy, has announced its name change to Italmatic Robotics Srl.

The company recently introduced a new patented robotic cementing system in the retreading market

By means of a 100% automatic process, a motorised monorail system positions the truck tyre in front of a robotic arm, which sprays the exact amount of water-based cementing solution needed, preventing any material waste and improving the production capacity and the effectiveness of the process.

With a quick return on investment, this robotic system allows to save on labour costs, while preventing any potential harm for operators. This return on the investment is also shown by the efficient use of the materials and the accurate weight control of the cementing solution, which allows to apply the right amount of product to the casing.

The robotic arm is also able to choose the right components for each type of casing by means of a special sensor, which recognises the casing dimension and calculates the amount of solution to be applied onto the tyre. Then, the production data is sent to the company server, which provides very useful information on the consumption of materials, daily productivity, etc.

According to Italmatic, the first unit of the company’s new robotic cementing system has already been sold to the German retreader, Rigdon, where it will shortly be installed.

Click on the following link to watch a video of the new robotic cementing system:

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