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Pre-Q Galgo Presents New Feature for Two Tread Designs

Galgo Tread Designs

Galgo has announced the addition of wings to its STW [Trailer Wide] tread pattern for super singles and its SRL [Rib Light] precured tread line. The addition of wings will provide better adhesion to the shoulder of the casing and will also improve low rolling resistance, says the company.

Galgo Tread Designs Suitable for Various Applications

STW and SRL tread designs are ideal for long-haul, regional and urban applications. The STW is designed with seven ribs, a continuous middle strip, rounded shoulder, wings, and wavy ribs to improve grip and self-cleaning. The SRL is designed with six ribs, rounded shoulders, wings, and variable angles to improve grip.

The STW pattern is available in 16 and 16.5/32” sizes, whilst the SRL pattern is available in 13/32”.

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