Galgo Introduces New Winter Mileage Performance Tread Design


Galgo has announced the introduction of their new Winter Mileage Performance (WMP) tread design. The WMP tread is claimed to be one of the best options for the retreading market because it offers great mileage for regional applications.

This tread design is currently available in a width of 10 5/8” (270 mm), and a depth of 27.5/32” (22 mm), and will soon be available in widths of 9 7/8” (250 mm), 10 2/8” (260 mm) and 11” (280 mm), with a depth of 27.5/32” (22mm).

The grooved block design of the WMP tread is aligned with the rotation of the rim, which ultimately helps reduce rolling resistance. This unique design also provides better traction in mud and on snow covered roads, and special design features, such as union bridges between blocks, help reduce uneven wear.

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