Reifen Stiebling Launches New Malocher Semi-Trailer Retread


German retreader Reifen Stiebling has developed a new retreaded truck tyre called the Malocher, designed for use on semi-trailers in local and long-distance traffic and especially on construction sites.

New Trailer Tyre for Construction Sites

The tyre was developed and produced at the company’s manufacturing plant in the town of Herne in Germany’s Ruhr area, where the company manufactures 12,000 truck retreads per year.

"The 'Malocher' combines many characteristics that, in our experience, have been lacking in this combination on the market," commented the company’s Truck Tyre Sales Manager, Hubertus Monkemöller. "Now we have a product that absolutely meets the requirements of this customer group – the performance is impressive."

According to Mönkemöller, the tyre was tested in close cooperation with well-known customers from the construction sector over a five-year period and continuously improved.

The "Malocher" is an extremely resistant tyre that plays to its strengths, especially on construction sites, roundabouts and manoeuvring.

The term "Malocher" was the result of internal brainstorming and roughly translates into English as “Workhorse”. Managing Director Christian Stiebling explains: "We were looking for a name that fits the product and our region at the same time. 'Malocher' is easy to remember, typical Ruhr area, and it also fits thematically well, because 'malochen' stands colloquially for 'heavy work'.

As part of the development process of the new tyre, Reifen Stiebling worked closely with Kraiburg to develop a special tread compound which helps the ‘Malocher’ to excel also in terms of fuel consumption.

"The 'Malocher' is an all-rounder,” concluded Hubertus Mönkemöller. “In this case, the tyre’s durability has not been achieved at the expense of rolling resistance and noise emissions. This was the declared goal of our customers from the very beginning."

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