New BIPAVER President, Guido Gambassi Appears in Latest Retreadcast

Retreadcast with Guido Gambassi

Episode 23 of the Retreadcast is now available for viewing and listening as we feature an interview with the new President of BIPAVER, Guido Gambassi.

Gambassi Interviewed on the Retreadcast

The full episode of the Retreadcast sees Gambassi discuses his aims for the association as President, BIPAVER‘s technical programme, the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy situation and the status of BIPAVER as a part of the European Economic Interest Group.


00:00 Introduction to Episode #23 | New Era for BIPAVER

01:37 Interview with Guido Gambassi, President of BIPAVER 

02:12 Guido Gambassi Talks About His Personal Aims for BIPAVER during His Tenure as President

05:45 What are the benefits of BIPAVER Becoming a European Economic Interest Group

07:00 Gambassi Gives an Update on the Latest Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy Investigations

10:00 How Can BIPAVER Work Towards Helping the Retreading Industry Benefit from Environment Related Tax Advantages?

12:05 Gambassi Discusses Future BIPAVER Meetings

13:34 Conclusion to Episode #23 | New Era for BIPAVER

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