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LUKATEC Celebrates Five Years Since the Invention of the Dual Tyre Robotic Buffer

Dual Tyre Robotic Buffer

With more than 100 machines in operation Brazilian retread equipment manufacturer LUKATEC has become a world reference for tyre buffing technology. However, the company’s growing reputation as an innovation leader can be directly attributed to LUKATEC’s development and launch in 2012 of a dual tyre robotic buffer. This technology was fully developed within the company and can claim to be the major tyre buffing innovation of recent years. LUKATEC is now celebrating five years since its launch.

LUKATEC is celebrating five years since the invention of the Dual Tyre Robotic Buffer

The main advantages of this technology are: increased productivity, lower operating costs, and increased operator safety. The machine has the most modern technologies available and delivers all the benefits that robots can offer.

Another important innovation brought to the market by the company is the LUKATEC Modular Concept. With this concept it is possible to offer up to eight options for the robotic buffer, with customers being able to assemble the best solution according to their production needs as well as having access to upgrade possibilities.

The success of this technology has led LUKATEC to dedicate an exclusive assembly line for this product at the factory. The company works very closely with the main manufacturers and retreaders by offering a programme of factory visits, during which customers can experience the Robotic Buffer Technology in operation and discuss project developments.

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