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Brenno Benaglia, Marangoni’s Commercial Tyres Sales and Marketing Director
aggressive pricing from China but it has to be borne in mind that the market share of Chinese tyres in North America is as high as 28 per cent, and 19 per cent in Europe. “The second consideration,” says Ferrari, “is the regulation, control and education of users. Sales of budget tyres,” he points out, “are driven by a lack of complete knowledge of the Total Cost of Ownership of tyres. The issue of Chinese tyres is not a problem with big fleets,” he adds, “but a key problem in Italy is the fact that that the average fleet consists of only 2.8 trucks, and these fleets are typically in the hands of the tyre dealers, who need to be educated. Credit is also an issue. People are buying on the hoof and going for the cheapest option in order to stay alive. There is a big segment of the market that needs to be reached.”
Brenno Benaglia sees hot cure retreading in the future as the domain of the larger retreaders but also sees good potential for increases in pre-cure, especially in the premium sector, where the flexibility gained by offering new patterns can be an advantage.
With this in mind, Marangoni’s truck tyre retreading division has been investing in its product line by expanding its range of premium pre-cure patterns with the introduction of the Blackline . “We are ver y happy with the results,” says Benaglia, “and we are aiming to increase premium precure to 50 per cent of Marangoni’s precure
Marangoni Gears Up to Face Market Challenges
According to Marangoni’s Commercial Tyres Sales and Marketing Director Brenno Benaglia, independent retreaders in Europe are currently facing three main problems – the influx
of Chinese budget
tyres, the reduction of
premium casing
availability given the
increased attempts by
producers to control
their own casings, and
a fundamental change
in the transport sector,
which has seen long-
distance transport
companies shift from
the west to the east of
Europe. These trends,
he says, have brought
major challenges to
the industry but also
offer some
According to Benaglia,
the Marangoni truck
tyre retreading
division is currently
performing well in the premium segment of the retreading market as well as in the light product segment, but the company is being squeezed in the mid-range sector. A fundamental change in the market has arisen, he says, in that the company’s key competitors are no longer other individual retreaders. The main competition in the mid- range sector is now coming from Asian new truck tyres which over the last few years almost doubled their presence on the European market.
Benaglia believes the crucial factor in learning how to deal with the challenge posed by the Asian tyre manufacturers is understanding how these players want to structure their businesses in Europe. “The current situation is somewhat confused,” he says, “but if Asian industry wants to have local depots, by-passing local wholesalers, this will cause trouble within the market if the price stays the same”.
“Also,” he adds, “the retreadability of most Asian new truck tyres is not increasing. Some brands are acceptable for basic retreading but the vast majority of them is still not retreadable and even the performance of the first life is far from our standards.”
Giuseppe Ferrari, Managing Director of Marangoni Retreading Systems believes that the current price of Chinese tyres is not sustainable in the long term. “China exports more than 50 per cent of what it produces,” he says. When the
Chinese market is in a phase of development there is less pressure in international markets. Changes in currency values have also affected prices. There are signs of less

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