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TAX EXEMPTION FOR TYRE RETREADING SERVICES APPROVED BY CAE IN BRAZIL On September 19 Brazil’s Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) approved a bill that exempts retreading services from paying PIS/ Pasep and Confins. The bill, PL 2,470/2022, introduced by senator Margareth Buzetti (PSD-MT), received a favourable report from senator Mauro Carvalho Junior (União-MT) and will go to the Chamber of Deputies, if there is no request for a vote in the Ple- nary. According to the bill, companies that offer tyre retreading services would be entitled to a zero rate of PIS/Pasep and Confins on gross revenue. The same benefit would apply to the acquisition of ma- chinery and equipment by these companies. The text also orders official financial agents to offer priority lines of credit to companies in this sector. According to Margareth Buzetti, the objective of the project is to reciprocate the environmental gains provided by tyre retreading activity, which extends the useful life of tyres. According to the senator, the companies that would benefit are those that provide services directly to the customer who owns the tyre, and not those PÉTER SZABÓ RETIRES Péter Szabó, the experienced Hungarian retreading professional, has announced he will retire after almost three decades with Ma- rangoni. Szabó started his professional career with Taurus, the Hun- garian tyre manufacturer. In the early 90s he switched to the retrea- ding industry, joining the tread manufcturer Oliver (later acquired by Michelin). By the time he moved to Ellerbrock (now Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland GmbH) in 1995, he already had a deep knowledge about retreading in various Central and East Euro- pean countries. SpA. Szabó lives in Budapest with his large family – wife Margaret, three children and seven grandchildren. He will finish his long professional career in the tyre and retreading industry on September 30. We wi- sh him all the best for a pleasant retirement at the Balaton Lake and very good health. Margareth Buzetti that purchase casings for refurbishment and subsequent resale. Buzetti estimates the number of companies in this sector in Brazil at 5,000, most of them small and medium-sized, generating more than 300,000 direct and indirect jobs. LATEST NEWS        Péter Szabó      INDAG RUBBER CELEBRATES ZONAL ANCHOR RETREADER MEET Indag Rubber recently held a Zonal Anchor Retreader Meeting, held on August 11th in New Delhi. Attendees included patrons from West, North, Central, and Upper North India. According to Indag, the meeting featured an open exchange of ideas and expe- riences which helped the company identify potent success strategies for the future. In addition, a number of key individuals received accolades for their exceptional contri- butions during the event. “We deeply treasure the input provided by all participants,” said the company in a statement. “Their valuable feedback will play a pivotal role in refining Indag’s future endeavours.” PhotoSTORY    P. 46 

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