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LATEST NEWS   MARANGONI ISSUES STATEMENT ON “A” CLASS TEST CLAIM  Marangoni S.p.A. has issued an explanatory statement by way of follow-up on a Press Release published on 5 June 2023, in which the company claimed it had manufactured a RINGTREAD tyre that achieved an “A” class energy saving level in the same test used for new tyres (ECE.R 117). In the statement, Marangoni drew attention to the fact that there is currently no law/re- gulation on the labelling of retreaded tyres and pointed out that the company had tes- ted the retreaded tyre in question following the same procedures applied to the new tyre, without any intention of proceeding with any retread labelling activities, and only with a spirit aimed at continuous improve- ment of its products and to test the technical positioning with respect to a market with very strict and stringent rules. The tyre size used in the test was 385/55R22.5, whilst the tread profile applied on the casing was the Blackline RTL- FE 325XS ring, the compound for which was specially developed by Marangoni’s Research and Development Department in Rovereto, Italy. The casing used in the tyre was top quality, said Marangoni, and was in the best Rolling Resistance level even when it was a new tyre. Although the Marangoni Group has a Tech- nical Centre within its own production site in Rovereto, thanks to which it is also able to conduct RR tests as specified by ECE117, in this specific case, in order to further validate the results, it had turned to a third-party or- ganisation to conduct the test, namely Prü- flabor Nord GmbH in Brokstedt Germany. In the statement Marangoni says never in- tended to claim that its retreaded tyre has a Category A labelling, precisely because there is no regulation on the labelling of re- treaded tyres, and simply wanted to com- municate the result of the test used for new tyres conducted experimentally on its own retreaded tyre.   QUALITY PRODUCTS WITH QUALITY SERVICE ® OUTER AND INNER ENVELOPES CURING BLADDERS CURING TUBES    M.I.G. S.r.l. - MAE Industria Gomma Strada Prov.le Casilina snc, Località Paduni Zona Industriale 03012 Anagni (FR) - Italia Tel. +39 0775 776087 +39 0775 769944 - Fax +39 0775 774011 e-mail: -  

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