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RUSSIA LOOKS TO REVIVE AIRCRAFT TYRE RETREADING Russian company Melaris is seeking investments of 150 million roubles ($150,000) to finish the construction of a plant for aircraft tyre retreading in Moscow Oblast, the company said in a statement distributed in the Russian press.  In the first stage, the company is targeting to retread only tyres for the Russian-designed aircraft IL-76, IL-78 and A-50, estimating that it would save Russian air companies around 100 million roubles ($100,000) of costs on tyres per year. The project will be gradually scaled up to cover a broad range of aircraft tyres, eventually lowering costs in the Russian air industry by 250 million roubles ($250,000) per year. The payback period of the plant, which is already under construction, is expected to be around 2.5 years, the company said. Melaris plans to rely on Chinese technologies, underpinning the importance of the stronger political ties Russia is forging with China. “In the current political situation of strengthening ties with China, the Chinese participation in the work of Melaris plant seems very relevant,” the company said, adding that it would help to mitigate the impact of Western sanctions. Aircraft tyre retreading boasts of numerous advantages, the company continued. Once the plant becomes operational, the Russian aircraft tyre industry’s environmental footprint will be halved, while consumption of non-renewable material and energy resources will drop by around 30%. Retreading is also expected to eliminate vibrations associated with tyre heterogeneity, while the post-repair service life of retreaded tyres and their safety is ensured at the level of new tyres, Melaris stated.      

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