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                                  NEW DIAMOND TREAD RANGE FROM LEADER RUBBER South African tread manufacturer Leader Rubber Company has an- nounced the launch of Diamond Tread, a new range of premium tread designs which sits alongside the company’s existing Leadertread and Milemaster brands as well as parent company Marangoni’s Ring Tread System. Diamond Tread is described by the manufacturer as a “premi- um plus brand with an unwavering commitment to quality.” Diamond Tread is initially available in four tread patterns designed for different applications The DFE pattern represents a new generation of tyre treads with a low rolling resistance 5-rib design. Not only is it claimed to deliver remark- able mileage, but it also saves the user money at the pump. The design features cooler running and advanced Wing technology, along with a tapered shoulder that helps prevent severe scuffing. Meanwhile, Diamond Tread’s DMulti pattern is a directional drive de- sign that provides exceptional grip and stability. Its high-performance tread compound also ensures outstanding mileage. The third new design is the DMS pattern. Designed for on-off road di- rectional drive axles, this tread thrives in severe off-road conditions, providing excellent traction and the durability to withstand whatever challenge the environment throws your way. For regional bus and trailer applications, Leader Rubber has designed the Diamond Tread DZU3 pattern. This all-wheel-position tread is en- gineered to excel in demanding regional environments, providing ex- ceptional performance, durability, and reliability. Each of the four new tread patterns is available in four different widths. PRODUCT NEWS       

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