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KRAIBURG RELEASES NEW TREAD DESIGN PROGRAMME KRAIBURG Austria has announced the launch of its new tread design catalogue available in a new easy-to-read, 32-page publication. New this year is the 3PMSF marked tread pattern K738, which is already available in the K_base and K_plus compounds in widths of 250 and 260 mm, and will also be available in 270 mm from autumn 2023. In addition to the K738, the successfully launched K727 pro- file series has been supplemented by the 250 mm width. For other designs, KRAIBURG has made a few adjustments and optimisations. The designs for special applications are no longer included in the re- gular tread pattern list. For reasons of clarity and easier handling, KRAIBURG Austria is now presenting these separately. However, the practical overview of all 3PMSF marked tread patterns is still integra- ted on a double page. The new design programme is available printed on recycled paper or as a pdf file for download from the KRAIBURG website. PRE-Q GALGO ADDS 5 DESIGNS TO EXTREME WINTER TREAD LINE PRE-Q GALGO Corporation has announced an extension of their Extreme tread line with the addition of five new designs. The Extreme line now includes; LDD (Long Distance Drive) 24/32, DLM (Drive Lug Medium) 18/32, PB (Power Block) 26/32, SD (Snow Drive) 25/32, MPO (Multi Positional) 22.5/32 for a total of 18 designs that have been lab tested down to 80° Fahrenheit below (-62 Celcius). PRE-Q® GALGO Corporation Vice President Eduardo Nava said, “We are proud of our commitment to advancing our products to withstand even the harshest conditions. We regularly subject all our tread designs to rigorous testing to ensure we continue to produce High- Performance Rubber for Advanced Retreads. Winter will soon be upon us, so now is a great time to choose the design that best suits your application.” PRODUCT NEWS       MICHELIN LAUNCHES X ONE PRE-MOLD RETREAD LINE Michelin North America Inc. has announced the launch of its new Michelin X One Line of Pre-Mold retread including the Michelin X One Line Energy D2 Pre-Mold tyre and the Michelin X One XDS2 Pre-Mold tyre. The new tyres, which are claimed to be Michelin’s lowest rolling resistance, heavy truck drive retread to date, have been designed for long-haul applications combining excellent traction with significant fuel-saving characteristics. The tyre features a compact tread design, with less flexibility in the tyre tread between the tread surface and tyre carcass for greater fuel efficiency as well as incorporating Michelin’s Regenion evolving tread design, which provides stability in all weather conditions. “The Michelin X One Line Energy D2 Pre-Mold’s new ultra-low rolling resistance levels are designed to exceed SmartWay and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements,” commented Pierluigi Cumo, B2B Vice President of Marketing for Michelin.    P.62 

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