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PRODUCT NEWS   MIDAS INTRODUCES WINTER TYRE DESIGNS FOR THE EUROPEAN MARKET  Midas has announced the launch of a new range of tyre retread- ing materials specially designed for winter tyres. The new tyre designs feature a softer tread for enhanced grip and a meticu- lously crafted design tailored to tackle the most extreme winter conditions. “Widely embraced in Northern Europe and across the globe, these winter tyres have already earned acclaim from custom- ers for their exceptional quality, extended mileage, and superior performance on snowy and icy roads,” claimed Paulose Varughe- se, Director, Midas Treads. “Our commitment to innovation and sustainability has led to the creation of these environmentally friendly tyre retreading materials, offering drivers a cost-effec- tive and eco-conscious alternative to traditional winter tyre op- tions,” he added. Midas’ winter treads have earned the prestigious 3PMSF (Three- Peak Mountain Snowflake) certification in Germany, a testament to their exceptional cold-weather capabilities. The tyres are cer- tified for use throughout Europe, meeting or exceeding the strin- gent safety and performance standards required in the European market. Midas says it will be launching new designs for the European market at regular intervals. The new winter range launched re- cently includes the MRS and MRS2 designs. “Midas winter de- signs have been used in Finland, Norway, Germany and all over Europe and Russia for the past 15 years,” said Varughese.     

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