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move that underlined its commitment to quality and innova- tion. More recently, the company began collaborations with Vipal, marking a strategic pivot towards optimising costs without compromising the quality of retreading materials, mainly focusing on premium product lines. THE BENEFITS OF GEOGRAPHY The broader European retreading landscape has faced its sha- re of difficulties, with many players needing help to survive. Peñate notes the industry’s perilous state, emphasising the shrinking number of retreaders and the looming threat of ex- tinction. Despite these challenges, Boleca S.L. has leveraged its unique position in the Canary Islands, where shorter travel distances between local settlements mean tyres often arrive at the factory in good condition, making retreading a more via- ble and profitable option than the mainland. This advantage, coupled with the Canary Islands’ favourable Economic and Tax System—endorsed by the EU—positions Boleca S.L. competitively. The company serves local needs and attracts casings from companies outside the islands seeking more cost-effective retreading solutions. The shift towards renewable energy, specifically installing rooftop solar panels, reflects Boleca’s commitment to sustainability and cost effi- ciency, especially in the face of rising electricity prices. AN OPTIMISTIC OUTLOOK Despite the overarching challenges, Peñate remains optimis- tic about the future. Recent renewals of significant contracts and the government’s push towards public transportation bode well for the company’s volume of work. The European Commission’s extension of anti-dumping duties on Chinese tyres is another positive development, helping level the pla- ying field for retreaters against low-cost, new tyres. Labour remains a concern, with Boleca S.L. needing help at- tracting and retaining specialised professionals. Yet, the com- pany’s investment in state-of-the-art retreading machinery and continuous staff training underscores its commitment to maintaining high operational standards and quality outputs. As Boleca S.L. looks to the future, Daniel Peñate embodies a spirit of optimism and resilience. Despite the industry’s cha- llenges and the company’s turbulent journey, Peñate sees a brighter horizon for Boleca S.L. and the retreading industry. By embracing change, pursuing innovation, and adhering to a quality and customer service philosophy, Boleca S.L. stands as a testament to the enduring value of retreading in “inte- resting times.” Machinery driving Boleca’s retread operation FEATURE REPORT     P. 10 

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