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           Boleca Autocentre in El Goro pandemic. The subsequent energy crisis and geopolitical ten- sions exacerbated operational costs, leading to unpreceden- ted measures such as contract renegotiations and frequent price adjustments—strategies previously foreign to the com- pany. ADAPTING TO MARKET TRENDS Transportation costs have surged, particularly affecting Bo- leca S.L. due to its island location, which amplifies the effects of remoteness and insularity. Yet, the company’s history is steeped in innovation and success. Founded in 1992 by Car- FEATURE REPORT Good quality tyres lead to great retreads Peñate: “Wealwaysthoughtthat the \\\[retreading\\\] factory would be the heart of Boleca, and in difficult times, it would help us survive.” men Delia Peñate Morales, Daniel’s aunt, Boleca S.L. quickly adapted to market demands, initially thriving on the back of booming tourism and solid demand for passenger tyre retreads. The landscape shifted with the influx of imported Asian tyres, compelling the company to focus more on the truck tyre segment, where it found enduring success. Bolstered by partnerships with industry giants like Bandag and Marangoni, Boleca S.L. underwent significant technolo- gical and operational enhancements. The acquisition by Brid- gestone of Bandag did not deter the partnership, and in 2012, Boleca transitioned to using Marangoni’s ringtread system, a  P.9 

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