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  MECHANICAL RECYCLING AWARD TYRE PYROLYSIS AWARD DEVULCAN- ISATION AWARD    Jaime Duran from Colombian recycler Duramos    TYRE RECYCLING AWARDS DEMONSTRATE DIVERSITY OF GLOBAL STENGTH    Thomas Sorensson receiving the award from David Wilson This year we made the decision to offer three separate awards in the tyre recycling sector recognising the diversity of processes availa- ble. The three awards were offered in mecha- nical recycling, devulcanisation and pyrolysis respectively with the winners coming from as far afield as Sweden, Canada and Colombia. The Tyre Pyrolysis award was won once again by Scandinavian Enviro Systems despite a strong showing from both Pyrum and Contec. Typical of the reasons given for nominating Enviro was this quote: “Enviro deserve to win due to their product and their vision on how to move forward and make tyres a part of a sustainable production chain. Scandinavian Enviro and their joint venture will show many other industries how projects on a grand scale can be done.” The Devulcanisation award was deservedly won by Tyromer, who had come closing to win- ning awards in both of the first two years that the Awards have been running. Indian com- pany GRP Ltd came second and DRI Rubber in third. In the past year, Tyromer has made significant progress and opened two new commercial facilities, one in Windsor Canada and one in Arnhem in the Netherlands. The company has also signed additional licensees to be set up in Canada and also India. The strength of South American companies in mechanical tyre recycling was reflected by Co- lombian recycler Duramos’s victory in the Me- chanical Tyre Recycler sector. Chilean mining tyre recycler Rembre Tyres finished in second place. Duramos, who also specialises in the recycling on mining tyres, established the first OTR re- cycling plant in both Colombia and south Ame- rica in 2020 and now claims to have processed more than 10,000 tonnes of OTR tyres. The re- cycled product has been used as premium ru- bber mulch for playgrounds and landscaping, recycled steel by authorised Colombian steel companies, alternative fuel derived from tyres in authorised cement kilns and granulated rubber for parks, sport tracks and soccer fields.   Anita Saikia picks up the Tyre Devulcanisation Award for Tyromer  P.XVIII   

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