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  SPIRIT OF RETREADING AWARD Image: Slash Objects / www.slasho Discover at  KARUN SANGHI LIFTS SPIRIT OF RETREADING AWARD FOR TYRESOLES Tyresoles is one of India’s leading retreaders with over 75 years of history. The company, focused on the South and West of India produces an average of 12,000 tyres per month as well as operating its own tread rubber plant and a rubber flooring company which manufactures flooring products from rubber buffings. The company has been an innovator in the Indian retreading sector and is for this reason that the company was nominated for the Spirit of Retrea- ding Award. In particular Tyresoles took the lead in the formation of TREA (Tyre Retreading Education Association), India’s new tyre retreaders associa- tion, whose aim has been to increase the awareness of retreading and to educate policy makers on the advantages of retreading. Last year the Government of India announced a new End of Life Tyre recycling policy. Thanks to the efforts of TREA, this policy recognised retreading as an important part of the circular economy of tyres. Retreaders were allowed to issue retreading certi- Tyresoles CEO, Karun Sanghi receiving the award ficates that delayed the ELT recycling requirements by one year. The Spirit of Retreading Award this year was de- cided by the Nominations Committee. The award was lifted at Futurmotive in Bologna by Tyresoles CEO, Karun Sanghi. A hall of hidden talents Powered by      

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