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Marangoni Announce Further Price Increases from June

Marangoni Price Increases from June

On June 1st 2021 the Retreading Systems division of Marangoni will further upwardly adjust the sales price for rubber materials used to retread tyres by 0,20 EUR/kg – 0,30 EUR/kg depending on the product.

Tread Rubber Prices Continue to Rise

According to Marangoni, the price adjustment is due to sharp rises in prices and shipping costs of raw materials including the fact that the cost of synthetic rubber on the spot market has almost doubled in less than a year. Supply chain bottlenecks due to shipping container shortages have also had a drastic impact on availability and price, with transport costs on Asia-EU shipping routes soaring, says the company. Natural rubber, in particular, is feeling the squeeze with shipping costs increasing by between 300% and 400%.

Marangoni is continually committed to reducing the impact of these growing costs. However, we are forced with this second price adjustment to shift another part of these additional costs to our products’ price,” declared Matthias Leppert, Marangoni Group’s COO and Managing Director of Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland.

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