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Huge Impact for Marangoni at Enykk Open Day

Marangoni at Enykk

On the 12th June 2019, a delegation of 30 bus company managers from all over Hungary attended a meeting hosted by Énykk at their headquarters. During the workshop, Marangoni Retreading Systems representatives held a presentation that captured the audience’s attention by presenting the unique advantages offered by RINGTREAD , Marangoni’s spliceless retreading system.

Marangoni Presentation at Hungarian Bus Fleet

During the meeting, a special focus was on the first RD4 235 XXS rings recently delivered using the newly industrialised mould. RINGTREAD RD4 is the ideal solution for intercity long-distance buses due to its operating safety, enhanced traction and low noise, whilst maintaining high mileage and performance levels. After the end of the event, Daniel Brichta, area manager of Marangoni Retreading Systems said; “ RD4’s range extension will satisfy the increasing demand in tyre size 285/70R19,5 used on the Credo buses made by the Hungarian producer Kravtex. The response to our presentation of this product has far exceeded expectations and proven to be an indicator of the foreseen increase in demand for these rings.”

Énykk, previously known as Kiszalföld Volán, is a long-term Marangoni customer that provides local, intercity and international passenger transport services in four Hungarian counties. The company utilises the RINGTREAD System and precured materials to produce retreads in their own plant in Györ, Hungary. The retreads are used by Énykk’s fleet, composed of around 1.400 buses and also sold to third-parties, mainly in the western part of the country. It is expected that the firm will soon be marketing the RINGTREAD product to new fleets also in other counties.

Énykk was the first company to introduce the retreading business to Hungary back in 1981. This happened following the purchase of RTS (RINGTREAD System) equipment and precured material from Marangoni. Since then, the organisation has worked alongside Marangoni in a partnership that is closing in on 40 years.

Over this time, the relationship has seen many technological advancements in the Györ retreading plant such as Marangoni’s building machine, the RingTreader Series 1000, and the recently purchased autoclave. Specifically, Énykk has invested in a state-of-the-art shearography technology, enabling the company to reduce its production times, since defective tyres are eliminated at the start of the process. On top of this, using the shearography machine further decreases the claim rate, increasing the safety of retreaded tyres, which is an imperative when dealing with passenger transport. These

Investments, says Marangoni, highlight not only Énykk’s commitment to efficiency but to retreading and successfully deploying a full tyre life cycle policy as well.

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