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Marangoni Group Completes Separation of Marangoni Meccanica

Separation of Marangoni Meccanica

The Marangoni Group has redefined its Group structure following the completion of the capital increase of Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A. and the latter’s entry into the shareholding structure of La Finanziaria Trentina S.p.A. and Alpenring S.r.l., coinciding with the company’s exit from the Marangoni Group perimeter.

Capital Increase Process Completed

According to a statement from the Group, the finalisation of this process represents an important step in Marangoni’s strategic repositioning process, begun in 2011, which now sees the Group entirely focused on its historic core business of tyre retreading.

“The activities of Marangoni Meccanica now belong to an entirely different segment: that of machinery for the production of new tyres,” said the statement. “Unlike what one might be led to think, these two sectors are not particularly synergistic with each other.”

Marangoni Meccanica deals with the design of plants for the production of new tyres and is specialised in agricultural and earthmoving applications. Over the past two years, the company has had negative results that have eroded the assets and made the recapitalisation necessary.

The Marangoni Group, on the other hand, is focused on the segment of tyres for trucks and buses. This applies both to the direct production of retreaded tyres, which since 1968 has taken place in the Via del Garda plant in Rovereto and to the more international division of Marangoni SpA, called “Retreading Systems”: the business unit that produces the semi-finished products used by the Group’s tyre retreading customers located all over the world, including the patented Ring Tread System, which has helped the Marangoni Group become synonymous with innovation in retreading.

It is because of these differences that the two company teams progressively reached a crossroads, and henceforward their respective development paths will continue independently.

The parent company Marangoni SpA, together with its affiliated companies, will continue to follow its strategic lines and, in particular, the activities related to the partnership started in 2018 with Borrachas Vipal, a project that has so far seen the definition with the Brazilians of a series of plans and joint ventures limited to the Americas. As far as Europe is concerned, the Group says it is working together on an industrial plan that first of all values ​​all the possible industrial synergies. The common strategic objective, says the Group, is the creation of the main independent world player in retreading, where “independent” means being disconnected from a specific tyre brand or manufacturer.

In restricting its scope to the retreading area alone and joining forces with an important partner like Vipal, the Marangoni Group says it is gearing up to take advantage of today’s market challenges; globalisation and the spread of electronic commerce, combined with disruptive technologies (digitalisation, business models based on service and sharing, etc.) and with the principles of the circular economy, which offer opportunities for growth in a sector that has not seen such substantial changes for decades.

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