Marangoni in Discussions with Prinx Chengshan in Retreading Sector

Vittorio Marangoni
Vittorio Marangoni

Vittorio Marangoni, the CEO of the Marangoni Group, was recently spotted at a press event in Thailand for the tyre manufacturer Prinx Chengshan, where he revealed the Italian company had begun developing a business relationship with regards to the Austone brand of truck tyres.

Co-operation Ongoing in Italian Market

“As you know, we are always looking for retreadable tyres, especially in Italy, where we are involved directly in the market,” explained Marangoni. “Before the start of the war in Ukraine we were using Kama tyres from Russia, but of course this is no longer possible. So, we started testing several Asian brands and found Austone, The brand was quite new as the production is made in Thailand in a factory started in 2020. We made lab tests and found out the casing was retreadable, so we started a relation for the Italian market, and now we are discussing wider retreading opportunities.

“Finding retreadable Asian tyres is good news for retreading in general, and, of course, as they have increased the quality of their tyres, this has also helped increase the price.

Prinx Chengshan is currently focusing on developing business for its range of truck tyres in the European market and recently achieved EU VECTO certification, the EU’s carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption certification programme.

In a recent statement, Prinx Chengshan stated: “The commercial tyre market in the EU has once again opened up, providing fresh chances for international business development. In the future, Prinx Chengshan will continue to explore the integration of green development and digital technology, while continuously enhancing its international competitive advantages. Additionally, it will actively seek new models that lead the industry’s green development and drive industry-wide green upgrading.”

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