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Marangoni Rewards Loyal Customer with Green Bonus

Marangoni Rewards Loyal Customer

German quarry operator and Marangoni customer Bärnreuther+Deuerlein recently took the opportunity to reap the economic and ecological advantages of a sustainable tyre choice and received in the process a certificate attesting the benefit to the environment guaranteed by their premium quality OTR retreads.

Bärnreuther+Deuerlein Show Green Credentials

Until the end of 2019, any end-user from DACH countries purchasing at least four Marangoni OTR retreads from a selection of specific tyre sizes (up to 24.00R35), are able to obtain a discount of up to 90 € per tyre. Furthermore, the eligible customer receives, from Marangoni, a certificate attesting the savings in terms of raw materials achieved with their sustainable choice.

The document delivered by Anton Zehner, OTR tyres Area Manager at Marangoni, to Frank Eichler, Purchase – QS – Plant Manager at Bärnreuther+Deuerlein, declares that, having opted for the 24.00R35 MDT retread, the company preserved 550 kg of material per tyre, equivalent to 64% of the original product weight.

Bärnreuther+Deuerlein is an innovative company with a careful eye on the environment, and it’s been relying on the retreading of its tyres for many years, thereby helping to save significant amounts of resources and reducing their operational costs as well. The enterprise was founded in the 30s and employs 150 workers operating in seven quarries in Bavaria, where it produces quality-controlled gravel material for road construction, asphalt pavement, concrete manufacturing, as well as for landscape design projects.

Bärnreuther+Deuerlein have been working with Marangoni for almost 10 years and enforce a tyre policy which always involves the combination of premium new tyres and top-quality Marix OTR retreads supplied by Marangoni.

The latest 24.00R35 Marix MDT retreads manufactured by Marangoni for the Bavaria-based firm were mounted on their Komatsu HD605 Rigid Dump Truck. The MDT pattern is particularly suitable for use on dump trucks operating in heavy-duty applications, such as those of the Bärnreuther+Deuerlein quarries. The tread compound developed by Marangoni for this product is characterised by a very low heat development, thus ensuring the optimal hourly performance.

“The Marangoni MDT retreads are comparable to premium new tyres and offer Bärnreuther+Deuerlein the opportunity to save considerable costs, as well as lowering our environmental impact,” commented Frank Eichler.

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