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Michael Hutt’s Presentation at TyreXpo Asia Now Available on YouTube

At TyreXpo Asia 2024, Retreading Business organised a Retreading Conference with six prominent speakers. The entire conference was recorded and our first speech from Michael Hutt can now be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

Watch Hutt’s Speech on South-East Asia Retreading Markets

Michael Hutt, the Editor of Retreading Business was one of the keynote speakers from the Retreading Conference and his speech was entitled “South-East Asian Retreading Markets”, which can be accessed online today.


00:00 Introduction to South-East Asian Retreading Markets by Michael Hutt

01:14 Retreading in South-East Asia is underrepresented

02:34 Overview of South-East Asian Markets

05:29 Barriers to Growth and Trends in South-East Asia

08:34 How can we build Retreading’s credibility in South-East Asia?

13:12 “We need to focus on sustainability more in South-East Asia”

17:13 Competition with New Tyres

22:00 Conclusions and Questions

23:02 How can retreading improve its perception in South-East Asia?

24:50 How far behind is South-East Asia compared to the ROW in accepting the sustainable credentials of retreading?

26:40 Why are fleet maintenance teams being used less in South-East Asia?

29:54 Why are the main manufacturers not having success with retreading in South-East Asia?

32:27 How did Michael approach fleet management during his time at Kit Loong to promote fleet management?

35:53 In South-East Asia, what percentage of a fleet’s cost can be attributed to tyres?

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