Midas Exhibit at Latin Tyre show to Expand Footprint in South American Market


Indian tread rubber producers are scouting for new overseas markets, exhibiting in premier trade shows around the world. An example of this is leading producer Midas Treads, who recently participated in the highly anticipated Latin Tyre Expo held from 14th-16th June at the Panama Convention Center in Panama City in order to expand their footprint in the Latin American market.

Panama Presence for Midas

“We hope to have significant presence in the South American market in the future,” informed Paulose Varughese, Director, Midas Treads, who were exhibiting at the show for the first time.

The event provided an excellent platform for Midas to showcase their extensive range of products and establish valuable connections. When asked if the company has an existing presence in South America, Varughese added, “We have been supplying the Midas range to two or three dealers who handle different areas with multiple products.”

During the Latin Tyre Expo, Midas Treads had the opportunity to engage with existing clients from across South America. “The expo brought together a significant number of retreaders from Mexico, Central America, and South America, allowing us to forge new partnerships and expand our reach in these key markets. The show has provided us with an opportunity to know about the prevailing trends in the Latin market and we have found the outing to be most fruitful,” he concluded.

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