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NeroForce Cuts Time Required for Laser Marking

NeroForce Laser Marking

NeroForce has started the year 2020 with the completion of two new and innovative dual-head laser marking machines, both of which operate twice as fast as conventional laser marking systems with one laser head.

New Laser Marking Equipment from NeroForce

The outstanding feature of both NeroForce laser marking machines are the dual CO2-RF laser systems, which laser an excellent and clear image with a high electro-optical conversion rate onto the tyre walls.  The lasers are designed to mark both tyre sidewalls in a single step, resulting in significant time saving in practice.  The extremely powerful lasers, which originate from the USA, use a fibre grating instead of a conventional resonator and are known for their low failure rate and long service life (up to 100,000 hours).

The NF-LM1500SA model for use in tyre warehouses is a stand-alone version where a tyre is simply rolled on to the machine, marked and then rolled away.  The second model NF-LM1600MR is suitable for integration into a mono-rail system for retreading.  Here the tyres are lifted from the hook onto the machine, marked and then lifted back onto the hook and transported further.

The CAD-based software for marking is almost self-explanatory and allows the laser marking of logos, graphics, consecutive serial numbers or barcodes.

To round off the system, NeroForce also offers an optional Dust Purifier in case customers do not have an existing system in use.

Martin Kalagin, responsible for product development, is confident: “With these laser markers we have developed just the system that professional retreaders have long been looking for.  And another good thing: we can offer it at a very competitive price”.

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