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New Designs from Kraiburg Austria

Kraiburg Austria

Freiburg Austria has announced the launch of a new city bus design, the K702 plus. Available now, the new drive profile boasts excellent traction and braking properties on account of its design.

Kraiburg Austria Reveal New Designs

This is particularly noticeable in extreme weather conditions, such as on snow-covered and wet road surfaces. The use of the high-quality K_plus compound also ensures maximum mileage and optimum results, including even wear and consistently cool running. Kraiburg has also given the K702 plus an irregular tread geo­metry which guarantees low noise emission levels.

“Our new tread achieves the targets pursued in its development in every respect, which were to combine lower running costs with increased safety and improved mileage,” said Christoph Priewasser, Product Manager at Kraiburg Austria. “Because of its high qua­lity and great value for money it is very attractive for regional use.” The pattern will initially be available in 240 millimetre width, followed in the autumn by 230 and 260 millimetres.

Kraiburg has also announced an extension to the best-selling K801 design. Currently available in widths of 295, 305 and 320 millimetres, the pattern is also available in 335 millimetres. Not only does the K801 look good, but its wings also provide resistance against lateral shearing forces. They also have roughened surfaces and therefore prevent the tread and casing from separating. The low move­ment of the K801 design and the very cool running properties of the compound are also kind on the casing. The longitudinal design is opti­mised for trailers, semi-trailers and tag axles, and this shows in its per­formance in local and long distance traffic.

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