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Recap Makina Looks to Minimise Investment Costs for Retreaders

Established in 2017, Turkish equipment manufacturer Recap Makina has grown to become recognised as a young and dynamic player in the retreading industry.

Experience Pays Off

Despite the generally adverse business climate experienced recently, the company has achieved positive success. Thanks partly to the founders’ fifteen-plus years of experience in the sector, the company has seen its machine sales and installations grow, especially in the European market.

Based in Eskisehir, Recap has established its business model around autoclaves and tyreretreading machines. By closely monitoring industry demands, it has focused on making machines that retread truck and off-the-road vehicle tyres more modern and user-friendly. The company produces precured and orbit system retreading machines for retreading off-the-road vehicle tyres, ranging from 24″ rim tyres to 63″ rim tyres. Additionally, it manufactures auxiliary equipment used in off-the-road tyre retreading, such as workstations.

According to company founder Metin Ileri, recent increases in operating costs, including high labour costs, energy expenses, transportation, and general overheads, have caused industry players’ profit margins to decline. This has led to a lack of appetite for investment among readers and a continued loss of blood in the sector.

“The ideal way to prevent this,” says Ileri, “is to reach solutions that minimise investment costs. High investment costs reduce investor interest in the industry, making it nearly impossible for new players to enter. We convey to our customers that they should continue working with the best quality raw materials and workforce, while Recap will continue working to minimise their investment costs.”

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