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REMA TIP TOP Launches Repair Patch with Bimodal Bonding Layer

REMA TIP TOP Launches Repair Patch with Bimodal Bonding Layer

REMA TIP TOP has become the first company worldwide to launch a tyre repair patch with an innovative bimodal bonding layer.

New PREMIUM Line Available Early 2022

The new patch, developed in-house, features exceptionally high initial adhesion as well as significantly improved structural strength and is the subject of a patent application on the special mixture of several types of rubber in the bimodal bonding layer. The new PREMIUM line, featuring 100, 300, 400 and 500 series patches and designed specifically for tyre retreading, professional tyre repair, and fleet operations, will be available early 2022. The scope of application includes tyres for passenger cars, light vans and trucks as well as for industrial, agricultural and off-the-road vehicles.

“To achieve improved adhesion and structutral strength, we have developed a bimodal bonding layer from a combination of different types of rubber, which has never been seen before,” explains Ludwig Ketzer, Head of Global Product Management Automotive at REMA TIP TOP. “This compound layer ensures an exceptionally high Green Tack, the initial adhesion to the tyre,” he added.

“Tyre damage can occur in many different situations,” explains Ketzer. “In all cases the repair

to restore mobility must be done professionally, reliably and absolutely safely – a flaw can result in

serious consequences. It was, therefore, very important to significantly improve adhesion and performance with our new patch line. That’s why, for example, our product far exceeds the quality criteria of the ECE standard 108/109 for retreaded car and truck tyres.”

Customers who order the PREMIUM patch also receive a comprehensive service package in addition

to the product, consisting of training in the company’s own training center, the REMA TIP TOP ACADEMY, as well as access to the company’s global network of experts, technical advice and instruction, both on-site and virtual.

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