Shamrock Marketing Unveils RENEW-IT

Shamrock Marketing has announced the launch of RENEW-IT Tire Paint & Shine. Made in Louisville Kentucky, Renew-It Tire Paint & Shine was developed through a collaboration between Shamrock Marketing and Lanning Paint & Chemicals, an expert paint manufacturer since 1983.

New Tyre Paint Launched

RENEW-IT is designed to provide a like-new finished tyre appearance while being environmentally friendly and able to work with all spray or hand application methods.

According to Shamrock, the unique requirements the company wanted were achieved through multiple iterations and tests using the formula expertise of Lanning’s chemists. Offering a dry finished shine, superior coverage, and more tyres per gallon, RENEW-IT claims to set a new standard for tyre paint.

Key performance characteristics of the new product are that it is easy to use, works with all applicators, and is safe for operators. RENEW-IT is also environmentally friendly with a water base formula, is safe to ship and easy to clean up, whilst also offering better coverage for more tyres per gallon to improve retreaders’ bottom line.

“Customers have been telling us that they want a tyre paint that provides great coverage, improves finished appearance, is safe and affordable, and can run through any spray applicator”, says Doug Conley, President of Shamrock Marketing. “Renew-It Tire Paint & Shine delivers the solution.”

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