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Tipler Launches RT74+ Tread at Pneushow 2024

During this year’s edition of the Brazilian tyre retreading exhibition Pneushow, tread rubber manufacturer Tipler announced the launch of its new RT74+ tread.

High Wear-Resistant Tread

The latest product is claimed to offer the highest wear resistance among the traction patterns available on the market, superior resistance to damage, high levels of reliability and stability, a high level of hardness, greater durability, and improved mileage performance.

“All Tipler treads are now produced with a premium, high-performance compound that defies expectations and redefines standards of excellence. However, the RT74+, made with a super premium compound, was designed and tested to offer superior mileage performance,” commented marketing executive Jandrei Goldschmidt.

The Tipler RT74+ tread also presents superior abrasion resistance compared to other traction treads and less wear on the tread surface when in continuous contact with the road.

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